Welcome to Eco Futures Northants

We are here to share ideas on how businesses and individuals in the Northants area can take action to address climate change and turn over a new leaf for a better, safer, prosperous future.

What is Climate Change?

An introduction to what climate change is, how we know it is happening, what the impacts are and why our carbon emissions matter, with information from NASA and the Met Office.

How Will it Affect Our Businesses?

Key ways climate change will affect our businesses here in Northamptonshire.

Let’s Be Positive

Why taking action on climate change isn’t about the cost – it could even save you money and bring other benefits.

What Can You Do?

Practical suggestions for easy actions including some low-cost or no-cost ideas for your business and personal life, looking at energy, transport, consumption, planting, food and ways you can have an impact by helping get others on board by supporting initiatives.

What’s Already Being Done?

Examples of actions already underway here in Northants. Links to local and other resources. Your chance to pledge your actions.

About Us

The local people behind Eco Futures Northants. With a hope that more will join and support.

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